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How does 1X2 Betting Work?

1X2 betting is also known as three way betting that usually bets on a home or away team to win or draw tip. The three way betting system is used for 3 ways: the home team will win, the away team will win or they will both draw which last result is very good for draw predictions players with very high profit. This way either teams win or they both draw. This is a popular way to bet online. It is a simple betting system that is used in many websites. It is mostly used when betting on soccer for many websites, however it works for other sports as well.

Being different from Asian handicap betting, 1X2 doesn't seek to even out differences in terms of qualities between teams or different players from those teams. This is in order to actually reflect the true odds of each of the teams winning or drawing, without the added bookmaker margins. This is done without the exchange commission. This betting system represents the actual odds of the teams winning or drawing, so it is very popular in soccer betting.

We also send DC and other types of football betting tips to our clients. All of our soccer predictions are by professional sports betting tipsters and those football betting predictions are very good and reliable. You can send us a message in our contacts page if you'd like to purchase our tips and tips for other sports as well.