DC Predictions (Double Chance predictions)

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How Does DC Betting Work?

Bookmakers mostly try to reduce the usual 3 outcomes of soccer games to 2, which is now called "Double Chance Betting". This is when the single price of a game is offered both for a win or a draw. If you were to bet on the team that wins or the game were to end in a draw, you win. With bets like DC betting, you can win if you draw as well. These types of odds in DC betting will be shorter than the usual individual odds and draw odds that are available, as the chances of either of those are higher than each, separately.

A DC bet is a good way to pick a different market option that covers only just one outcome. The DC bet is popular for soccer betting as well as other sports, as long as you can get access to it as a match option where a team is going to win or draw. You can bet on the game as a DC bet, as you win if it is win or draw, it combines them into one bet.

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