1X2 tips Forbes estimated the value of Formula 1 at 17. 1 billion. Liberty topped the ranking of the richest sports empires for 2023

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1X2 prediction Liberty Media, which owns the commercial rights to Formula 1, topped the Forbes ranking of the richest sports empires for 2023.

The value of Liberty Media`s assets is estimated at $20. 8 billion. The value of Formula 1 separately is $17. 1 billion.

The total value of companies and funds included in the Forbes top 25 list was $173 billion, up 23 percent from a year ago.

It is also noted that over the past year, the value of F1 shares has increased by about 5 percent.

Recently, information appeared in the press that last year the state fund of Saudi Arabia made attempts to acquire Formula 1, valuing the series at $20 billion. However, Liberty refused to conduct any negotiations.

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