1X2 prediction They interrupted a match in Italy for racist insults at Balotelli

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1X2 prediction The fight between Verona and Brescia was interrupted for a few minutes in the second half because of racist insults at Mario Balotelli. The guests` attacker was outraged by the crowd`s chanting, his first reaction was to kick the ball into the stands. The referee showed him a yellow card before finding out the reason for his actions. He then interrupted the match for a few minutes. Balotelli set out to leave the field, but was persuaded by his teammates to return and play the match, which ended 2-1 for Verona. Salcedo opened the score early in the second half, and in the 81st minute Pesina made it 2-0. Balotelli did score five minutes before the end, but Brescia failed to reach the equalizer.

The match itself offered a lot of emotions to the viewers. Guests had several opportunities to lead in the beginning. Beazoli`s header was knocked out of the line, and then Balotelli and Tonali`s attempts to send the ball into the net were blocked. The former Manchester City, Inter Milan and Milan striker shot a fine 25 minutes into the match but targeted the top beam.

A little later, the referee sent a penalty for the home team and showed Mengravity a second yellow card. After examining the situation with VAR, he changed his mind, canceling the card and the penalty. Shortly after the break, Verona led the way as teenager Salcedo scored his first Serie A goal.

Then came the chants from the stands to Balotelli. The referee used the new protocol, stopped the match via record for 1x2 predictions and the stadium announcer read a message against racism and warned fans that the fight would be terminated if the insults did not stop. Both players tried to calm Balotelli and persuaded him to continue the match. He not only continued to play, but also five minutes before the end of the game. Brescia threw himself into the attack in search of equalization, but Verona managed to withstand the pressure.


1:0-SALSEDO (50)

2:0-Pesina (81)

2:1-Balotelli (85)

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