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1X2 prediction Japan`s 1 World Wins Premier League Baseball Championship, Group B, on an unprecedented scale. The leader in the World Confederation Rankings (WBSC) recorded three convincing victories at Taoyuan International and Taichung Intercontinental;8:4 against Venezuela, 4:0 against Puerto Rico and 8:1 against host Taiwan.

As expected, the Taiwanese (No. 4 in the world) did not allow another defeat and so the two favorites continue together forward to the Final Six, which will be held on Japanese soil. It was already ranked No. 2 by the United States and No. 6 by Mexico, occupying respectively the second and the first position in Group A in Guadalajara (Mexico). The last two places in the second phase will be occupied by the first two teams in Group C in Seoul. Prior to the last matches, the host and defending team of 2015 team Korea (2-0) is the leader, followed by Canada (1-1), Cuba (1-1) and Australia (0-2). Tomorrow are the deciding games: No. 7 Australia - No. 10 Canada and No. 3 Korea - No. 5 Cuba, with each team still having a chance to move on.

In the Top 6 teams will enter their group stage asset against an opponent they have already met and play one match against everyone else. For now, it is clear that Mexico and Japan will start with one win each and the United States and Taiwan will each;with one loss. The second phase matches by partners of 1x2 predictions will take place at Zozo Marin Station in Chiba and Tokyo Doom Station in the Japanese capital. The first two teams in the overall standings will meet in the final in Tokyo, and the third and fourth will play for the bronze medals. America`s Most Finished Team and Asia-Oceania`s Most Finished Team in the Final Ranking of Premier 12 will receive quotas for the Tokyo Olympic Baseball Tournament `20.


Group B

International, Taoyuan (Taiwan) / `Intercontinental`, Taichung (Taiwan)


Japan - Venezuela 8:4

Taiwan - Puerto Rico 6:1

November 6

Japan - Puerto Rico 4:0

Venezuela - Taiwan 0:3

November 7

PuertoRico - Venezuela 1:7

Taiwan - Japan 1:8

1. Japan


1. 000

2. Taiwan


. 667

3. Venezuela



. 333

4. Puerto Rico

. 000

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