1X2 tipster Mourinho for Clop`s new contract: Great news for everyone

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1X2 prediction Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho shared his opinion on the big news of English football yesterday - the renewal of Jurgen Klop`s contract with Liverpool. The German specialist will remain at Anfield until 2024, and Mourinho thinks this is good for both Merseyside and Premier League in general.

I think everyone is happy now. Jurgen is obviously pleased that he will continue his work, otherwise he would not sign a new contract. In Liverpool, they are certainly happy about what he did, otherwise they would not be offered a contract extension, Mourinho said.

Fans love Klop, players love it too. The news is good for the Premier League too, because we want the best coaches and players here. And Klop is one of the best, the Portuguese added.

Jurgen Klop headed Liverpool in 2015 after previously leading Borussia Dortmund. The German won the Champions League with the Reds last season, and since the start of his squad he has been a convincing leader in England, leading by 8 points to second Leicester and 14 to reigning champion Manchester City.

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