1X2 picks Atletico overtook Betis in a great holiday atmosphere in Seville

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1X2 prediction The Atletico Madrid team prevailed with a 2-1 draw against Betis in an intriguing 18th round La Liga match. Angel Korea has become a key figure for rohibiblancos. Seconds after he appeared on the pitch he found the result analyzed by soccer livescore and in the 83rd minute assisted Alvaro Morata for 0:2. In the added time Mark Bartra reduced.

After the goal, the Seville continued to control the ball, but it was difficult to create goals. In the 78th, Mark Bartra shoots over Jan Oblak`s beam. A minute later, Sergio Canales hit the bar. In the 83rd Athletes scored the second goal, and again the main merit was Angel Korea. The Argentine broke through to the right and delivered a low ball to Morata. The Spaniard attractively diverted his heel and scored for 0:2.

In the 93rd the home side still scored. After a scuffle, the ball fell to Bartra, who scored from six yards out to make it 1-2. The referee looked at the SAR situation as it was suspected that a Betis player was touching the ball with his hand. The video replay did not show well whether there was a hand play and the referee left his initial judgment - a goal.

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