1X2 prediction A great gesture to Jude Bellingham, but also racist attacks on the young talent

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1X2 prediction The Birmingham City team has officially announced that it is disabling the number 22 jersey with which the young talent Jude Bellingham played until now. Earlier this week, he moved to Borussia (Dortmund), with the deal becoming a record for the 17-year-old. The Germans paid Birmingham 25 million pounds to secure the rights of the Englishman. Last night, the Championship team played its final match of the season, which was Bellingham`s last match for the Blues. Footage appeared on social networks showing the young man standing alone on the field after the match advised by dc predictions and crying. The club officially announced today that number 22 will no longer be used by any other player, thus Birmingham showing its respect for talent. The decision is surprising for everyone, given the fact that Bellingham has only 44 games for the team.

A little later, the 17-year-old midfielder posted a screenshot of a post on Twitter that insulted him on racist grounds. `Jude Bellingham is the most overrated talent, so useless and thinks only of money. He is black. All blacks think only of money, ` reads the post on an anonymous account with a profile photo of Manchester United players. As is known, the footballer chose to join the team of Borussia (Dortmund), thus rejecting the `red devils`. The Birmingham team has expressed its support for its former footballer, and the case is being investigated by the police.

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