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1X2 prediction Milan legend and technical director Paolo Maldini gave an extensive interview to DAZN, in which he spoke on topics related to his leadership role at the club.
For the post of director
I think I`ve been preparing for this for 9 years without doing anything else. I tried to do the things I didn`t have time for before - to be with my family and friends. I was doing things I had never done before. I enjoyed those years when I returned to normal. I followed Milan and football only from a distance.
Maybe I wasn`t very ready for this role because it came suddenly. I was in Miami and Leonardo called me: `You have to be here in 10 days. We have to come together, I want you with me. `It was easy to say yes. I had the opportunity to work with Fasone and Mirabelli, but we did not agree on certain things. I could also join Barbara Berlusconi. My choice, beyond the interest of Paris Saint-Germain through Leondardo, has always been tied to the colors of Milan.
About transfer policy
No one can watch all the matches. You have to have scouts in the club. The three of you and the scouts have to choose the players you want and decide how you want them. Then they tell you what has worked over the past five years compared to the previous five years. The coach has an important role to play in transfers. He has an idea of the game, sees the team he has and what he needs. We want the coach to give us a specific player profile. I believe that the names should be chosen by the club and all points of view should be taken into account - financial, age and long-term.

For Stefano Pioli
He is good at conveying his thoughts. He does it with unexpected force. Looking at his career, he does not always confirm what he showed in the beginning. Sometimes we have to stop it. This is a feature I had not taken into account.
For your presence at the trainings according to Fantasy Football Reports
It depends on the moment. When the transfer window is open, it is difficult for me to attend the trainings. Ricky Masara and I attend 3-4 workouts a week. We talk to the coach every day. There are things you only notice if you are in place. These are small things that I immediately recognize. I`m trying to understand the players. There are some situations and other situations. It depends on what you mean. If you want to tell someone that they are playing badly, you have to be understanding, try to help them and understand their difficulties. If someone is behaving indecently, then you must be strict. We try to have a dialogue with everyone.
For Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Ibra was an idea the previous January, we talked to Leonardo about it. We discussed it with Mino Raiola and Zlatan, who, however, had given his word to LA Galakasi that with certain of his sports and financial results, he would stay. Once he achieved these results, he said, `I`m sorry, let`s talk about this. `In our opinion, he was the right person to get the combination of youth and experience. He and Simon Kjaer achieved incredible results analyzed by 1x2 soccer predictions . We always had models for example, but then we didn`t have many here. Maybe there was someone, but he played a little and so he became less important than someone else 1X2 prediction - more details and information: 1X2 prediction

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