New manager, but Arsenal is still the same

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1X2 prediction Emirates`s curtains rose only to reveal the same worn-out scenography. There may be a new director to orchestrate the action, as well as some new actors in the acting team, but there was no way to avoid repeating the presentation of a story, to a familiar audience.
There they are not accustomed to welcoming new managers to their team and once Unai Emery made his modest appearance from the tunnel and with one hand in his pocket;right at the moment when all eyes were staring at the staging and congratulatory teams, the new Arsenal hurried to show up like the old, indeed a replica of the well-known Arsenal. Emerry promised work, and it was a leap, but with the strongest will of the world, change in this group of players could not have happened in just a few summer weeks.
The new flag of the stadium showed the image of the Spanish specialist to the message Towards the next chapter. Otherwise, there was no official presentation, no noisy announcement on the radio, no targeting to the center of the pitch to swing to the stands. This is not in the style of Emery.
He may also not have wanted to do just before a match against a smooth-playing and cool-blooded rival, whom he confessed would be a challenge to him and his team. A rival whose strength was only highlighted by leaving the bench on players like Kevin De Braine, Gabriel Jesse and Leroy Sane in a winning game. There was no way to have a heavier fighting baptism. All estimates of Emery`s new way have to be made in this context. The broad point of view, as well as patience, are obligatory.

The first action of the Spaniard as he stepped into the touchline was to pave the way for his compatriot on the other bench and shake hands warmly with Josephine Guardiola and the staff at his headquarters before finding his new place. Honestly, given the circumstances, the rival was probably the last land manager Emery would want to meet at that moment. He is now 11 games from 1x2 soccer predictions without win over Guardiola and, frankly, it`s hard to imagine when this series will end.
It was strange to see Emirates on the bench, not Arsene Wenger. The Spaniard is certainly a different image by the touchline -;before Arsenal had been accustomed to seeing the manager sitting while the new leader was on his feet, visible, roaming in his area, proactive in gestures, constantly pointing directions and offering emotional guidance with standing hands or clenched fist.
There was something profoundly alternative to the formation of his chosen team. Aaron Ramsey was set high on the pitch as a second striker to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, without the natural height or speed reaching the balls seeking him there. Mesut Iosil was initially placed on the right side of the mid-legged three with the debut Matteo Gendusi and Granit Jacka, playing pretty deep and in a position where he was expected to close his rivals and beat them for the ball. Yes, something quite different was what you saw. It is not difficult to imagine what the audience would have been if Wenger had bet on such an experimental formation.

It was a bold decision to make a debut at the 19th

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