1X2 picks Klopp: This is not the desired result for us, the lack of goals is difficult to explain

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1X2 prediction Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he was pleased with the team`s performance in the derby with Manchester United, which ended without a goal. The German pointed out that the goal is the only thing that was missing for the champions, who scored only one goal in their last four matches in the championship.

`If we had won 1-0, I think everything would have ended well. You can`t prevent United from having a chance in 90 minutes. It`s impossible. They are in good shape. The boys played a good game. In the first halfThe press was great, so were the passes, but we failed to score a goal, which is the most important thing in football. The second half was more open. They had two great chances, which Alison saved. The explanation for the lack of goals is not easy. It`s always football There are times when you can`t explain how you score from every corner Against Crystal Palace every shot ended up in the net.

I liked the match I saw a lot of good individual performances and the team`s performance was`That`s not the result analyzed by contact 1x2 predictions we wanted, ` Klopp said.

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