1X2 prediction The Warriors stars ruined a Pistons player with ridicule

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1X2 prediction Although it ended in a clear 118:91 in favor of the `wars`, the match via dc predictions between Golden State and Detroit did not end without a slight dispute between the two teams. It was based on Pistons guard Rodney McGruder, who had a confrontation with GSU winger Juan Toscano-Anderson. However, it did not end with anything more than an exchange of remarks, but one of the leaders of the Californians - Draymond Green, scattered McGruder because of his actions after the match.

`I don`t know what happened because I was in the locker room. Obviously he was trying to defend his teammate Wayne Ellington. When the hell did Rodney McGruder get so open? I don`t know, I have a feeling everyone in the League is doing. `It`s a madness I don`t understand. He`s walking around there like a brave man and insulting me. . . Get her out of here. Nobody`s scared of the damn Rodney McGruder, it`s a joke, ` Drayman scoffed at the news conference. after the end of the match.

Injured Warriors star Clay Thompson, who was on the commentary for this match, also attacked McGruder - `This guy may be kicked out of the League soon, maybe that`s why he`s so angry. He`s trying to start something like he`s a good player. or something. Dude, just get lost, `Thompson said on the air, a moment before his microphone was muted so he wouldn`t get into more trouble.

Detroit guard Wayne Ellington defended McGruder and responded to Green and Draymond`s attacks. `I think it`s ridiculous for Drummond to pretend to be a fake healthy guy in front of a microphone and gossip. I think it`s unprofessional and not at all appropriate for Thompson`s class to talk about Rodney`s career like that, ` Ellington was quoted as saying by journalist OmarSankofa

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