1X2 prediction The last Swiss national from the 1954 World Cup also died

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1X2 prediction Roger Folonten, who was the only surviving Swiss national football team since the 1954 World Cup, has died. Fontalen is also a participant in the most successful match in the history of the World Cup between the hosts from Switzerland and the neighbors from Austria, won by the Austrians with 7:5 in the quarterfinals. The Swiss Football Association has announced that Fonlanten died in July at his villa on Lake Geneva, but there is no explanation as to why his death was announced 10 months later. Playing as a striker for Inter (Milan), the veteran has passed away at the age of 89. He was also part of his country 8 years later when he was at the World Cup in Chile, and later in his life he coached the national team for two years and was fired when he failed to qualify for the country. for the European in 1980. The most successful match in question is played in Lausanne and is held at a temperature of 40 degrees, something amazing for mountainous Switzerland. The hosts took the lead with 3:0 until the 19th minute, but 15 later they lost with 3:5. After the match, the Swiss goalkeeper claims that the sun was so hot over him that at one point he was about to faint and had noforces to move. The match predictions by register on soccer portal is played at 17. 00, but nature makes a cruel joke and is unbearably stuffy. In the end, Austria beat 7:5 and qualified for the semifinals, where they were defeated 1:6 by the future champion Germany.

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