Buffon:Italy has only one true talent

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1X2 prediction Canluigi Buffon said his teammate at Paris Saint-Germain Marco Verratti was the `only real talent` of Italian football. The 40-year-old goalkeeper arrived in Paris in the summer after leaving Juventus. Marko is a really incredible player, Buffon told Sport Girl. `` At that moment he is the only real talent of Italian football, because of his character, the way he plays, his plays, his eyesThere is so much that sometimes, if he plays with normal players, he has problems because they do not understand him. `Sometimes the great players are hard to understand by the others. ` In PSG, Marko is lucky to play togetherwith great players who immediately understand where the ball will go where it wants itso that his actions are being exploited. `

Buffon dropped out of the national team in November 2017 after Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup. He played another game via partners of 1x2 predictions under the guidance of temporary coach Luigi Di Biagio before Roberto Mancini took over the team. Gigi hinted that Mancini had offered him to continue to be part of the national team but he refused. For the national team, I sometimes gave more than necessary, and sometimes it was not appreciated, but unfortunately, at 40, you do not have the desire to be the one who will be in the line regardless of the circumstances. , my family from which the national team took a lot of time, so I told the breeder exactly that, and he understood and honored my decision, `Buffon said.

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