1X2 prediction Yost Capito on Sarjeant: We understand that betting on a newcomer is a risk. And Williams` results won`t be what they could be

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1X2 prediction Williams boss Yost Capito said that when choosing Logan Sargeant, the team understood that this could negatively affect progress next season.

According to Capito, Williams is ready to bet on the development of young talent, since in the future this decision may be more profitable than inviting an experienced rider to solve problems in the short term.

Next year we have to start fighting with opponents in the middle of the peloton. At the same time, we understand that choosing Logan and betting on a newcomer is a risk. And that the result according 1x2 soccer predictions will not be the same as if Alex Albon got an experienced partner.

However, it is worth looking at a long-term development strategy - we understand that next season, in any case, we will not be able to be in the desired positions. And that if you want to develop your young driver - and you need to do this if you want to become competitive in the future - then you need to put him behind the wheel of your car as early as possible.

This is also why we understand that next year we will not be able to achieve what we could if two experienced pilots played for Williams. But we are ready to go for it. We recognize that next year we will not make such a step forward as we could, and we accept this, - said Capito.

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