1X2 tips Binotto`s departure from Ferrari, fourth straight Chinese Grand Prix cancellation, Bottas` Australian haircut and more F1 events this week

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1X2 prediction presents a digest of the most interesting events of Formula 1 and other racing series over the past week.

1. Binotto of the head of the Ferrari. In his services are reportedly Alpin and Aston Martin, Mattia with Audi. In place of the Italian Scuderia tried to invite last winter, but failed.

I`m leaving a close-knit, developing, strong team - Binotto`s decision. Alfa Romeo`s Frederic Vasser remains the main contender for the post of head of Ferrari.

2. Another candidate is Ross Brown. However, the sports director of F-1 said that he would move to the sofa in motorsport.

3. Chinese Grand Prix for the fourth year in a row due to coronavirus restrictions. It is expected that instead of the race in Shanghai will be held.

4. Bottas has done himself to adjust for the off-season in Australia.

5. In F-1 may appear - the series is considering various options for active aerodynamics from 2026.

6. A billionaire from Hong Kong plans to create or invest in one of the existing ones, Andretti too.

7. Former Ferrari pilot Patrick Tambay.

8. Aston Martin decided on a Formula 1 engine by 2026.

9. Verstappen agrees to Alonso`s offer someday at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

1. : 8549 km from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf through the lifeless desert of Rub al-Khali

2. Formula E liveries: Nissan, Jaguar introduced asymmetrical livery.

3. Formula 2 driver Cordel for 6 months for speeding.

4. Transfers: F2 rookie Nissan (replaced by Harose), Armstrong from F2 to Indycar, Chadwick for Andretti in the junior Indycar series, Kubica about WEC performances in the hypercar class.

Esteban Ocon: , I have 98. It`s good that he moves to Aston Martin

Adrian Newey Concept Mercedes really surprised.

David Coulthard:

Frederic Vasser on prize money: One colleague said that $2 million is nothing, and

Williams CTO: . Sometimes he`s too cute

: this year the Scuderia has gone from powerful victories to stupid defeats

. Reaction - right behind the wheel for a test drive

: the project was helped by Porsche and F-1 vice-champion, but Peugeot stole the Dakar success

F-1 fireballs cost tens of millions, the steering wheels are computer screens,
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