1X2 predictions Kevin Durant on LeBron`s scoring record: Great to watch live

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1X2 prediction Nets star forward Kevin Durant has spoken out about the gradual approach of Lakers leader LeBron James to the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar`s record for scoring in the NBA.

There are eight billion people in the world, we found out last week. And it`s great when you are the first among all in something. If you become the NBA scoring leader, it will definitely be an emotional moment for him. But it`s cool to live in this era and watch the process live.

I can`t imagine what emotions LeBron, his family and friends will have. It`s also very cool to watch it up close, " Durant said.

James after the match according 1x2 predictions blog with San Antonio has 37, 332 points on his account, Karim has 38, 387 points.

Durant himself this week Kevin Garnett (26, 071 points) in the list of the highest scorers in the NBA, rising to 18th line.

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