1X2 predictions Max Verstappen on Alonso at Le Mans: It would be great

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1X2 prediction Max Verstappen doesn`t mind competing with Fernando Alonso at Le Mans.

The two-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans announced that he was ready to join forces with Verstappen. Max confirmed that he was considering racing outside of Formula One.

I want to play in other championships analyzed by live stream soccer after F-1, in other categories of motorsport. The contract [with Red Bull] will expire in 2028, I will be 31 years old. Of course, I can be competitive for a few more years, and I would like to do other things - under less pressure and with a less busy schedule, - said the two-time world champion.

Verstappen said he mostly considers endurance racing when he thinks about ending his F1 career and spoke of Alonso`s proposal:

Haha, yes. Fernando will never finish racing. Maybe in this respect he is a little different from me. But it would be great to get a good chance. If Fernando goes for it, he will strive to win in a competitive car. In this regard, I have the same approach.

I do not want to rush: at the moment in endurance racing, a lot is changing, and it is better to first see what happens from the outside. Now Fernando is 41, and if he continues to race, I have no doubt that at 50 he will be as fast as he is now! We have time.

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