1X2 prediction Tottenham have offered Barca €15m for Kessie. Summer transfer player doesn`t want to leave

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1X2 prediction Barcelona may sell Frank Kessie to Tottenham.

According to Sport. es, the English club by buy 1x2 predictions offered 15 million euros for Kessie.

The Catalans want to unload the payroll, so they can sell the Ivorian if the transfer amount suits them. Another candidate for sale is Memphis Depay.

It is noted that Kessie himself does not want to leave Barca, but if he fails to part with Depay, then the African may have to leave the club.

This season in La Liga, the 26-year-old midfielder, who joined in the summer after playing for AC Milan, has spent just 213 minutes on the field. Detailed player statistics can be found.

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