1X2 prediction Lewis Hamilton on difficulties during the season: There was a feeling that a ghost wound up in the car, which constantly returned

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1X2 prediction Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton summed up the results via contact 1x2 predictions of the 2022 season, noting that the difficulties faced by the team ultimately helped them unite and become stronger.

The first big step forward was the stage in Barcelona - it was there that we saw the first signs that this car still has potential.

However, that result turned out to be a false positive - the car seemed to work well, and in the next races the difficulties returned again. There was a feeling that a ghost wound up in the car, which constantly returned.

But then, at the French Grand Prix, we got on the podium for the first time in the season with two cars and realized that we really made a step forward. Even later, there was a stage in Austin, where the updates to the car also worked great.

I always knew that we can do it, that the team can turn the situation around. I never doubted that in the end we would reach our goal. But yes, we often moved forward by trial and error, last season there were many failures. Often there were situations when the novelties brought to the race did not work. The same happened with the settings. I myself have tried many different options and often failed. However, after going through this, you learn, grow, become better.

That`s what this past season was about. About overcoming failures, curbing the ego, strengthening relationships and interactions in the team. And from this point of view, the season has benefited us, - said Hamilton.

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