Soccer tips Celta was saved from a big twist in Villarreal

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1X2 prediction Celta reached a 3:2 victory at Villarreal and climbed to tenth in the standings. The Vigo team made their strike within 6 minutes between the end of the first and the start of the second half. Mendes discovered shortly before the break, and at the beginning of the second half, Jokuslu and Max Gomez scored and largely decided the match. Carlos Baca appeared in the game from 1x2 predictions in the 55th minute and with two hits in the last minute returned the intrigue, and the hosts were close even to leveling, with a beam struck at the end. Thus, Villarreal`s situation continues to be severe, with the team slightly above the 14-point margin.

After a calm start, both teams started creating situations, but the guests were more dangerous. Brais Mendes hit the bar in the 18th minute with a small angle shot. Villarreal organized several good attacks, but ended with inaccurate hits. Jagos Aspas was again among the most active players of Celta. His shot was reflected in the 41st minute, but shortly after he found Mendes, who sent the ball to the bottom left corner of Asenho.

At the start of the second half, the Vigo team put an even more serious blow to the opponent with two goals in two minutes. Mendes Okai Jokushlou`s first goal scored 0:2, and a little later Maxi Gomez increased the lead. In the following minutes Celta continued to dominate and missed to score more goals. Villarreal got back to the end of the match and reached a goal scored by Carlos Bakas, who was scored by a foul. The former striker of Milan and Sevilla made the last few minutes exciting as he headed his second goal three minutes before the end and made the score 2:3. The hosts continued to attack and in the 91st minute after Moreno`s shot, the ball hit the bar.


0:1 - Mendes (44)

0:2 - Yokushlu (49)


2:3 - Bakka (87)





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