Soccer tip Cavani:I have not touched Neymar, he is my friend and brother

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1X2 prediction Paris Saint-Germain striker Essonne Cavani commented on the match with his teammate at Paris Saint-Germain Neymar during the friendly match analyzed by live stream soccer between Brazil and Uruguay. At the end of the match, Cavani fouled the Brazilian, who subsequently refused to accept the hand of the Uruguayan. These are things that happen in football. We are friends, brothers. But you want to defeat and defend your national team. I did nothing, I did not touch it. I went to see him and told him I had not touched him, just that, he told the radio Monte Carlo.

The scorer also talks about the trident between them and Kylian Mabe in the attack on the PSG. We have three players that are technically important, and it is normal for everyone to want to score. The role of the coach is to connect the players in the attack, as well as with the defense. Thomas Tuwell talks to us, sometimes he does, but I think it`s not easy. You know it is, but I think that work all the day will be a success. We will all be able to find out what is the best, what can be done for the team and have success together to win important things. We have to give our qualities to the service of the team. That is how we can achieve great things. The sooner we realize it, we can do many things because we can not go on, `said Cavani, who thinks that someone from Mbappe, Rafael Varan and Antoine Grossman should win the Golden Ball.

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